6 + 3 P:n för Social Business

Som ekonom är man väl bekant med “de fyra P:na”Price, Product, Promotion och Place. Även kallade “The Marketing Mix”. En modell som beskriver en produkts strategiska position på en marknad. 


6 P:n

Brian Solis har adderat två parametrar för att göra modellen bättre anpassad efter en social-digital tidsålder. Se Solis modell här eller min illustration nedan.


“Whether or not you agree that People and Purpose officially earn a place among the traditional set of Ps is certainly open to discussion. But the impact of these two pillars in undeniable. By investing in People and Purpose, we will spark a revolution in not only business philosophy and supporting processes but more notably in the shift from a culture of management to leadership”, citat. Läs mer här.

3 P:n

David Armano, Managing Director på Edelman Digital Chicago, presenterar på sin blogg P-modellen nedan:


Davids resonemang kretsar inte kring produkters positionering utan snarare om vilka komponenter vi bör investera i  när det kommer till Social Business.

“People, Process, and Tech Platforms. Each is equally important and yet so many businesses are putting all their eggs in the platform basket because it seems like the most obvious solution. But it’s short sighted and even emphasizes the need for the other two. The most common issue I see from working with large organizations is that once an enterprise social technology solution has been implemented it immediately raises questions about who will operate it, integrate it, adopt it and derive value from the investment. The dirty little secret in the technology world is that technology, even really good technology looks automated but in reality requires people to make it work.”, citat.  Läs mer här.

Bild i toppen: Flickr cc by Raulc

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